Fritsch CTR System


  • High shape, weight and position accuracy due to punching and turning in 1 single step
  • Extremely gentle working method
  • Easy and quick product changeover without the need for assembly tools
  • Takes up little space due to its compact design
  • Flexible structure due to its modular system
  • Easy handling
  • Long service life due to its robust stainless-steel design
  • Easy to clean due to its hygienic design and good accessibility


  • CRH-the coiling unit for unfilled and rustic products
  • FRH-the coiling unit for filled products
  • CCH-the coiling unit for unfilled, contoured coils
  • CSH-the coiling unit for Mediterranean croissant specialties
  • CSV and CSV compact-the coiling unit for filled and unfilled products
  • Baguette coiling unit
  • Various filling units
  • Programmable logic control with 100 product memory addresses
  • Cross-cutting knife for rectangular products

Fritsch CTR

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