Glimek MO-300 Moulder


  • Centrally adjustable in-feed enables a correct positioning of the dough piece. Two pair of 15″ wide adjustable pressure rollers with spring loaded scrapers for easy cleaning
  • Pressure board 26 x 44″ with two wedges is fold-able and can be locked in an upright position for easy cleaning
  • Collection tray with two positions enables straight line out-feed
  • Handles on left or right side must be indicated upon order


  • Higher legs (standard is 23″ plus wheels 6″)
  • Leaning hopper – special leaning hopper for better access for in-feed from side (left or right)
  • Lower side guides–1 cm-non-stick coated
  • Motorized pressure board – capacity 1 800 pieces per hour
  • Parallel adjustable side guides
  • Three fixed knives in pressure board for 4-pieces
  • Three adjustable knives under pressure board
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Special conveyor belt

Glimek MO-300

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