Since 1946, JAC has innovated bakery technology and provided the best possible support to bakery professionals. Above all, they owe their longevity to their customers: to their trust, their encouragement, and their experience.

The JAC team and their partners support your bakery with responsiveness and flexibility in more than 90 countries. They offer two product lines: bread slicers and dough processing, with an emphasis on innovation and future-oriented technology at your service.

JAC customers are bread specialists around the world. They are craftsmen in a single point of sale, or organized in several hundred or thousands points of sale, like grocery stores and supermarkets chains.

Starting from bread dough, these bread experts offer an infinite number of variations of products. They represent the tastes of their consumers, their know-how, their creativity and their traditional recipes. They demand quality in what they produce and sell. The ability to meet customer expectations, regardless of bread type, is an imperative that characterizes JAC machines and sets them apart.

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Showing all 6 results