A family-owned Czech Republic company since the early 1990’s, Kornfeil has all the modern technologies for your bakery. Together, from a small South Moravian company with thirty employees, they built an extensive firm where more than 140 employees are involved in the production and development of ovens. It is not important whether a baker wants to bake twenty or twenty-thousand pieces of bread a day. It doesn’t matter whether a customer wishes to have classic Czech bread loaves, French baguettes, or Italian focaccia. The Kornfeil team will always find solutions for small, medium, and large industrial bakeries.

Kornfeil aims to make bakers’ everyday operations easier. They decrease energy intensity through program-controlled operation of the entire baking process. Their development team dedicates itself to modernizing all areas of the bakery, from loading ovens, baking, and unloading ovens.

Kornfeil is also cognizant of energy consumption and green bakery aspects. Their systems use reclaimed wasted heat energy in positive ways, by cooling the air temperature or supplying hot water to different areas of the bakery.

In 2006, the International Standards Organizations  awarded Kornfeil with ISO 9001 Certification for their outstanding bakery equipment. As a company, Kornfeil values product quality, low operating costs for their customers, and utilizing waste energy.

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