Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers

Are you in the market for blast chillers of blast freezers?  Blast chillers offer a variety of benefits for food safety, food quality, labor savings, and decreased food waste, making this investment well worth it. But, what do you really need to know to make a smart investment and reap the benefits that come with this game-changing addition to your business? Below is some helpful information on blast chillers and how one can help your business. Only you know the needs for your operation, so the first step is to examine those specific needs.

Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers

Do You Need a Blast Chiller/Blast Freezer?

Blast chillers alone are perfect for cook-chill applications. Blast chillers will safely bring temperatures out of the danger zone (41°F-135°F) to minimize the chance for bacteria and pathogens to grow. It retains the quality, texture, and freshness of food allowing foodservice professionals to prepare menu items during slow periods, and then chill for finishing just prior to service. Blast chilling also minimizes loss of moisture that occurs during cooling periods and minimizes shrinkage.

Blast chiller/freezers, like the Piper Shock Freezer/Blast Chiller Countertop 054,  are your best choice for rapidly freezing food products for longer term storage. Blast freezing allows chefs to prepare menu items and rapidly freeze for later use. Food products rapidly frozen, cooked, and served will maintain their cellular structure, taste, and appearance as if they were just prepared for the first time.

Size, Style, & Capacity

There is a wide range of sizes to fit various workspaces, volumes, and budgets. Work with your dealer representative to incorporate your new blast chiller into a productive and efficient work flow for your kitchen.

Low profile versions are designed to fit under a combi-oven for convenient transfer of food pans from oven to chiller. Capacities typically range from 35 lbs. of food in low profile versions, to 48 lbs. in undercounter units. Wire racks are usually included in low profile and undercounter models to adapt to various pan depths.

Reach-in models, like the Piper Shock Freezer/Blast Chiller Reach-In 161, accommodate food pan rack assemblies used by many larger combi ovens, allowing a good kitchen flow from oven to chiller with an approximate 220 lb. capacity. Wire racks are typically provided to accommodate different pan depths.

For maximum capacity needs, there are roll-in and pass-thru models constructed of walk-in panels like the Piper Pass Through Shock Freezer/Blast Chiller Tunnel Type C42. Roll-ins and pass-thru models can be stand-alone or integrated into a walk-in plan and can accommodate over 500 lbs. of food. The roll-in racks, supplied with the blast chiller by some suppliers, usually hold (26) 12”x20”x2-1/2” pans.


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Showing 1–12 of 15 results