Bread Lines

Bread Lines can be a great addition to your bakery! With consumer demand leaning more and more toward artisan bread, bakery might not seem as ripe for automation as other segments of the food processing industry. In reality, growth in the artisan market is fueling the need for automation across the bakery segment. Let’s look at 7 benefits of automating your bakery processing lines.

Bread Lines | Some benefits

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that boosting throughput is the top reason many companies seek to automate their lines. Humans simply can’t work as quickly as machines, which can run 24/7 and don’t need breaks.

The throughput gain you can achieve with automation depends on your specific application and process. But a look at the past 5 years of data from Food Engineering’s State of Food Manufacturing Survey suggests that processors typically expect automation to be a key driver of throughput increases of 10-15%.

The trick about higher throughput is that processors want to achieve it without having to expand their facilities. In fact, many processors are looking to decrease their equipment footprint so they can fit more equipment into their existing buildings.

Bread Lines | Our Models Include:

At All Bake Technologies Inc, we take pride in providing bakeries with a wide selection of quality bread line models. Some of our products include: Trima CL600/800-6 Combi Line, Trima G2-6S Compact Line, Zelaieta Maxi Mixta Modular, Merand Armor Universal, Zelaieta Semiautomatic Groupe with Horizontal Moulder and more!

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results