Divider Rounders

What is a dough Rounder? A dough rounder is a machine that makes equal portions of dough to ensure uniformity and proper cooking. It works by dividing the bread dough so that each bread roll is baked evenly.

The use of a dough rounder can greatly increase your over-all production while at the same time, save valuable time and money. The reality is that you are not in control of your dough then you could be losing lots of money! A dough rounder will scale and divide your dough into perfectly consistent sizes. A Dough Rounder will round your dough into perfect balls enabling you to quickly send it through a dough sheeter or press. A combination dough divider/rounder is a perfect time saver – they will scale, divide and round your dough all in one shot. From pizza, breads and buns to tortillas, no matter what type of dough you’re preparing, we have the heavy duty dough equipment to get the job done.

Dough Rounder

The function of the rounder is to impart a new continuous, smooth outer skin by stretching the gluten on the outside of the dough. This new and consistent layer will be responsible for retaining the gas, as well as reducing the stickiness to increase its handling or machinability.

Some of our products include: Trima Prima Evo Divider-RounderGlimek SD-600 Dough DividerDaub SLIM 1700 DividerDaub Robocut (S) Variomatic Hydraulic Square DividerOliver Dough Divider, and more!