Donut Equipment

Are you looking into donut equipment for your bakery? There are multiple things to be aware of when donuts are a product at your bakery. First and foremost, the specific type of bakery requires the correct donut equipment to run smoothly. It is imperative to start with the proper bakery equipment necessary for making donuts so they not only come out looking great but are also produced as efficiently as possible. Below are some of the main types of donut equipment:

Necessary Donut Equipment

Bakery Mixers:

Any type of bakery, including donut centered ones, will require an industrial-sized, bakery mixer. To begin with a start-up donut shop should do well with a 40 quart mixer. If production is expected to be larger, a bakery mixer that holds 140 quarts or more will be necessary.

Donut Fryers:

A donut fryer (such as the Belshaw 624 Donut Fryer), not an oven, is the key bakery equipment to running doughnut shop. A fryer can be either gas or electric and should be able to make between 80 dozen to 150 dozen doughnuts per hour.

Donut Proofer:

A donut proofer, such as the Belshaw TZ-6 Proofer, is necessary in order to make yeast-raised donut. This will allow the dough to set on racks at room temperature and be able to rise. A good idea is to have a mobile proofer that can hold multiple sheet pans at the same time and be transported to different areas of the donut shop. It would definitely be a good choice to look into a proofer designed specifically for donuts.

Donut Icers, Glazers, & Sugar Coaters:

This bakery equipment can either be several pieces or combined into one. An icer station is definitely needed if you own a donut shop. What kind of doughnut does not have glaze? A glazer, like the Belshaw HG24EZ Glazer can be attached to the icer (like the Belshaw H&I-4 Icer) to make sure the donuts are given their nice, shiny coat. Additionally, a sugar tumbler can be added so the donuts are all evenly coated in sugar.

Donut Cutters & Depositors:

There are various other pieces of bakery equipment that would serve any donut shop owner very well. These are all gadgets that will make running your shop as easy and seamless as possible. A cutter, for one, is necessary to make bar shapes and other raised donuts from dough. These can be built into a dough sheeter or hand-held. Another piece of equipment is a depositor. These put the dough into the doughnut shape before dropping it into the fryer.