Dough Dividers

Dough Dividers are essential for providing consistent products each and every time.  Delicious breads, rolls and other pastries need to always be the same size in order to ensure proper baking and a reliable baked good. All Bake Tech’s dough dividers provide you with consistent amounts of dough for the goods in production and the easy of automation. The satisfaction in the simplicity of the baking process will reflect in the love poured into each bite.

Dough Dividers – The Benefits

Dividing dough by hand takes hours you can spend making better recipes and putting the finishing touches on your products. Industrial dough dividing machines take on these tasks with speed and precision, taking monotony out of your day and freeing up bakers for more important tasks that require skill and care. With many different configurations available, you can choose a manual dough divider to produce more items with exact amounts while under the supervision of a person, or use a semi-automatic or fully-automatic dough divider to let the machine work independently. The dough divider can be used and configured for almost any bakery item, including breads, pizza dough, rolls, baguettes, buns and many more.

Dough Dividers – The Specifics

The dough divider is a piece of bakery equipment that allows for volumetric division of dough. If you want to streamline a consistent pastry or baked good each and every time, you must look into a dough divider. Here are the many parts of a dough divider that allow for consistent dough each and every time:

  • Press with cutting blades placed in the upper part of the machine (“head”). Driven by an unlock lever
  • Upper structure (“head”) containing the press, moved by a lever. Purpose: to press the dough placed in the reels plates, preparing it for the cutting process
  • Reels plates for dough proper placement
  • Dough rounding system driven by a lever regulating the winding speed
  • Press depth tuner inclusion for space adjustment between the press and the dough. This space must be adjusted depending on the type of dough and the desired cutting
  • Interconnection of technological procedures that allows to the operator the control of the cutting and rounding process (press lever, star handle and dough rounding, depth tuner)

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