Bakery ovens are the most commonly needed piece of bakery equipment since most baked good require heat. While a standard oven can handle some baking, bakery ovens are designed to handle all of the extra steps such as rotating and maneuvering the hot items and baking a large number of items at once. Some things to consider when purchasing an oven for your bakery is whether the size of the building calls for a ventilation hood or other requirements.

Types of Bakery Ovens

Convection Oven:

The most common type of bakery oven and probably the most affordable is a convection oven. They use internal fans to circulate hot air for even baking that provides excellent results for bread loaves and individual cakes. Available in either electric or gas, but the gas convection oven does require a hood.

Rack Oven:

Any bakery that plans on having a large-scale supply of bread or cookies will probably need a tall rack oven to allow multiple items to be baked at once. A production bakery would almost certainly get a good use out of this type of oven since a convection oven cannot handle a large scale supply at once.

Stone Deck Oven:

An artisan baker that sticks to old-world baking techniques will require a stone deck oven, or hearth deck oven. These offer modern heat distribution with artisan results that give dough a thick and crispy outer texture with a soft inside. This type of bakery oven requires little maintenance compared to a convection oven. They also use stone decks so one oven can have up to four chambers baking different items at once.

Revolution Oven:

Also known as a revolving oven, a revolution oven is a large bakery oven with revolving trays. This type of oven is capable of holding a variety of products at once. Another perk is that these some of these bakery ovens come with an option for stone shelving to give the same effect as a stone deck oven. They also tend to be made with a panoramic window to allow the baker or patrons to view the goodies inside as they bake.