Convection Ovens

Are you curios about the advantages that convection ovens can offer your bakery? Convection ovens heat food using the circulation of hot air. Convection ovens use a fan to circulate the heat. Traditional ovens do not have fans and they don’t circulate, they just heat up. If you are in the market for a new oven and you aren’t sure if you should go with a convection oven or a traditional model, consider the pros buying a convection oven.

Advantages of Convection Ovens

  • They Cook Food Evenly: It’s not uncommon for a traditional oven to be too hot in some areas and too cold in others. This isn’t an issue with convection ovens. There is a fan inside of the oven that allows the hot air to circulate all over the oven, so that the temperature is the same throughout. With a convection oven, you don’t need to worry about cooking a pie and having it still be cold in the middle when the timer goes off. This is a common problem with conventional ovens.


  • The Cooking Time Is Shorter: The fan in the oven makes it possible to cook food at lower temperatures. Where you would normally be cooking at 350 degrees, you can cook at 300 degrees in a convection oven. The fan also makes it possible to cook the food in a much shorter time than it would take in a traditional oven. This will get the food on the table faster, which can be great for busy families. Also, you will be using less electricity. This will result in savings on your energy bills.


  • You Can Cook More Than One Dish at a Time: If you are cooking a big meal, you may need to cook more than one dish in the oven at once. This can make things complicated. When you put more than one dish in the oven, the temperature will drop inside. This will make one dish cook faster than the others, and the food won’t come out as good. When you put multiple dishes in a convection oven, the oven sees the multiple dishes as one single item. You can even stack dishes on top of each other, and the food will still be cooked at the correct temperature.

If you’re looking for an excellent convection oven for your bakery, look into the Belshaw BX10 Eco-touch Convection Oven.

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