Deck Ovens

Have you been looking into deck ovens, such as the All Bake Technologies Modulgaz Oven? Your oven is arguably the most crucial investment one can make towards their bakery  All of the hard work and preparation you put into your product comes together in the baking process.  A good, high quality deck oven (like the All Bake Technologies Electram Oven will provide you with consistency and reliability for years to come.

Advantages of Deck Ovens

Choosing the right oven for your needs depends on a variety of factors. The type of products you make, the volume you wish to produce, the space you have available and even your budget all effect your choices. If you’re looking to bake high quality asrtisan breads like ciabatta, baguettes, rustica breads, rolls and more, then chances are a deck oven like the All Bake Technologies Compactram Oven is right for you. Like traditional brick ovens they bake so well because of their ability to retain heat. Breads and rolls are baked directly on the stone hearth providing that unmistakable bottom finish. Steam systems allow you to control exactly how much steam you supply each deck allowing you to achieve the perfect crust. Below are some more benefits of investing in an All Bake Technologies Modulo Oven or other deck oven.

Energy Efficient:

Quality deck ovens such as the Belshaw AMDO-3W Deck Oven can boast a fuel consumption savings of 60% to 75% over some other traditional bakery ovens. This is accomplished, in part, by a firebox made entirely out of oven brick and encasing the heat distribution system in poured cement. This gives the oven the ability to retain tremendous amounts of heat so that even when the burner shuts down the oven can continue to provide an even baking temperature. This residual heat allows the burner to fire less often resulting in a significant fuel savings.


For some businesses, the price tag on a brand new deck oven like the Revent Modular Deck Oven can be intimidating. The key to success, however, is considering long-term sustainability over short-term impact. What will you return on investment be 1, 5 and 10 years from now? How will those energy savings help you both now and into the future? Crunch those numbers and compare your financing options to your expected energy savings. You may find that you can actually save more in energy costs than the lease payment itself, allowing you to return money to your bottom line.

Other excellent deck oven options we offer include the: Revent Mini Deck Oven, Wiesheu Dibas 64 Blue, Wiesheu EBO 68, Wiesheu EBO 64, Kornfeil Variant Cyclothermic Oven, Revent Modular Deck Oven  & more!