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This intermediate proofer is a 180-pocket automatic proofing system designed to gently rest divided dough pieces before they are moulded.  Dough gradually progresses through the pockets inside the proofer during the ten minute proof time.


The dough pieces are continuously fed into the intermediate proofer from the divider and each piece is automatically placed into the special plastic carrier pockets.  Dough sticking is prevented thanks to the use of Teflon coating on the infeed chutes and the mesh pockets which allow air to pass freely around the dough during the proofing cycle.


At the end of the proofing period, each dough piece is automatically passed through dough centralizing guides and along a fully automated conveyor belt before being delivered to the moulder.


Mono Intermediate Proofer

Mono Fusion Bread Plant Range


  • Produces up to 960 pieces per hour
  • Product weight range between 250g-1000g
  • 10 minute intermediate proof to gently rest the dough
  • 180 perforated plastic pockets to prevent dough sticking
  • Suitable for producing a range of products including bloomers, tin breads, small batons and French sticks
  • Simple one-person operation reduces labor costs
  • Manufactured in hygienic stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning
  • Teflon coated infeed chute to prevent dough from sticking
  • Easy to reach control panel makes operating quick and simple
  • Simple to use lever to set the curling chain required for either loaves or French sticks
  • Output conveyor features dough centralizing and pre-moulding, for improved final quality
  • Viewing panels to provide complete visibility of dough progression throughout the proofing process
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