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  • Stainless steel cabinet, kettle, and drain tray, with sloping surface around fryer kettle
  • Drain tray on right side of fryer (can easily be relocated to left side)
  • Heavy duty elements, tilt able upwards for easy kettle cleanup
  • Thermostat controlled heat with heavy duty contractors
  • High-temperature limit switch set to approximately 450°F
  • Two nickel plated cake donut frying screens with bolt-on heat dissipating handles
  • Adjustable, bolt down legs
  • Heavy duty drain and valve with exterior handle
  • Reinforced left side panel to accept Belshaw cake donut depositor mount (can be switched to right side)


  • Submerger screen
  • Proofing screens for raised donuts (no handles)
  • Detachable handles OR Screen Cradle for lifting hot screens from fryer
  • Type B (manual) or Type F (electric) cake donut depositor
  • ‘SF’ or ‘EZMelt’ filtration systems

Belshaw 618L Donut Fryers (Electric)