Belshaw Century Donut System


  • Designed for Belshaw Century and High-Volume donut lines 6 to 10 donuts across
  • Produces a consistent waterfall curtain of glaze as donuts pass below it
  • Operator has control over the amount of glaze and the speed of donuts through the glazer
  • Glaze tank with agitator to prevent crusting. Agitator is easily removable
  • Precision leveling device on glaze trough
  • Approx. 30 gallons glaze tank
  • Water-filled jacket around glaze tank, warmed to selected temperature by internal elements
  • Water level sight glass with low water alarm
  • High-quality stainless-steel glaze pump for circulating glaze
  • Swiveling return tube to enable fast emptying of glaze tank at the end of production run
  • Easy to use control panel with safety switches



  • CHG30, 30” wide, compatible with Century C6-24, C10-24 and C14-24 lines, 6 donuts across
  • CHG36, 36” wide, compatible with Century C10-36 and C14-36 lines, 8 donuts across
  • CHG48, 48” wide, compatible with Belshaw High Volume lines, 10 donuts across


  • ‘CYCLONE’ Belt washer, to be clamped to glaze conveyor. Sprays high powered water jet to clean the conveyor belt

Belshaw Century Donut System

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