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How the system works:

  • Roll and cut dough using a single cutter, roller-style cutter, or automated sheeter
  • Place one Proofing Cloth with 24 donuts on top of one Proofing Tray.
  • Place the Proofing Tray (with Cloth and 24 donuts) into a Cabinet Proofer (or a Baking Rack, if a Roll-in Proofer used). Insert more trays until proofer is full
  • Allow approximately 30-40 minutes proofing time for the donuts to rise
  • Carry each Proofing Tray to the Feed Table and place the Proofing Cloth onto the Feed Table. Pull away the Proofing Tray
  • The Feed Table drops the rows of donuts automatically into the Mark VI fryer
  • The Feed Table extension increases productivity. It allows the operator to load more donuts onto the Feed Table and reduces the chance of empty gaps in the fryer

Feed Table for Mark VI Fryer