AK-3 Climator – Proofing Chamber Temperature & Humidity Control

Climator AK-3 is supplied as a ready unit completely equipped to work with new and used proofers

  • Quick reaching of preset humidity and temperature parameters in the proofer
  • To achieve best results in a big room, it’s possible to put more Climator units in one
  • After setting process-specific parameters of temperature and humidity, the unit adjusts the values itself
  • An innovative steam generation system uses special electrodes submerged in water
  • Trouble-free operation owing to a specific burnout-resistant electrode
  • Resistant to scale formation
  • Guaranteed energy savings in comparison to traditional systems, which use water submerged heaters

The system performs continuous measurement of current intensity fed by electrodes, which ensures optimal steam level for dough fermentation. Separating of steam chamber from air heating zone guarantees accurate adjustment of both parameters, i.e. humidity and temperature, which are crucial for dough rise.

A specially profiled directive vent plate placed at air outlet provides appropriate circulation of air within entire interior of the chamber. High-sensitivity humidity controller ensures accurate measurements and high proofing stability.

Optional: outside control panel with stainless steel electric box, 5 m of electrical cable between AK-3 and panel


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