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Customized modern proofing chambers

Modern system  provides maximum of space inside the chamber thanks to external Clima unit

Equal distribution of the “climate” is ensured by air channels fitted on the lower part of the walls along entire length. Air intake is provided by a central drain panel mounted under the ceiling. This system guarantees maintenance of the set parameters within entire interior of the chamber.

Air flow is forced by a turbine (or turbines, depending on the design and size) with properly adjusted power.

Applied unit has the function of automatic flushing/cleaning according to set time, depending on water parameters and chamber use intensity.

  • Structure made of acid-resistant steel/internal layers
  • Polyurethane foam insulation
  • Strong door hinges for lifting and lowering at opening and closing. respectively
  • Additional insulation between door and floor, made of brush with appropriate stiffness
  • LED lighting
  • Glazed door
  • Electronic control panel
  • Masking stripes installed along the contact of walls and a floor inside and outside the chamber
  • Guard rail on the walls + on the door at customer’s request
  • Optional: internal guides for trolley separation