Enigma Tunny S – Cookie Machine


  • Quick and easy replacement of rollers
  • Main roller customized according to customer
  • 45-60 cycles/minute (size of cookies determines capacity)
  • Automatically positions pressed cookies onto baking tray
  • Distribution of cookies is controlled by electronic panel
  • Machine is equipped with wheels and braking device
  • Simple operation


  • Extra Roller

Technical Data:

  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • 208V,60Hz,1Ph
  • Dimensions: 55.3″ L x 45.9″ W x 45.9″ H

Enigma Tunny S


The Enigma Tunny is a cookie machine that is design to produce confection from different doughs. The machine’s principal advantage is it’s ability to press cookies with additional ingredients such as nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, etc.

An innovative pressure chamber filling process permits use with the more difficult doughs. These include malleable, granular, liquid, hard and those containing additional elements which affect texture and structure. Dough is held in the tanks and then pressed into the pockets of the main roller, thus determining the size and shape of the product. Rotation of the main roller then presses the dough into cookies, which are then pushed onto the transportation belt using a system of cylinders. They are then collected by an operator and arranged on baking trays.

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