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  • Ideal temperature flexibility and stability
  • Uniform, high-quality baking
  • Unique air micro circulation within decks
  • Thoroughly baked crust
  • Efficient baking with low energy consumption
  • Fast temperature rise and temperature stability
  • Economical baking with gentle radiant heat
  • Strong steam units
  • Universal deck oven for all bakery products

Baking in classic steam ovens once represented the cutting edge in the world of bakeries until baking in thermal oil ovens changed everything. The same baking qualities can now be achieved with thermal oil ovens with dramatically lower energy consumption and minimal effort. Compared to cyclothermic ovens, thermo-oil technology offers up to 15 % lower power consumption. Due to the large heat accumulation in the heated oil, the ovens are thermally stable, yet they react quickly to the temperature rise, so they can also work with temperature curves which is great for rye and rye-wheat breads.