Mech Masz Flour Sifter


The Mech Masz flour sifter contains a special sieving system “cradle” working like a pendulum. Available only in Mech Masz sifters, this presents solutions to common problems related to flour sifting. It does not cause excessive dusting, and it does disturb the flour structure with rubbing.

These are typically problems in other competing devices operating on centrifugal force, but the Mech Masz flour sift automatically translates into better product quality.

Thanks to this technology, the screened flour is also well-tensioned. This will carry measurable benefits into the next stage of baking.

Compact design – space requirements are kept to a minimum.

Use of swivel castors – very easy to move.

Simple molds – easy to keep clean.


  • Put the flour bag onto the supporting shelf and turn on the machine
  • Fill the hopper with flour
  • Flour is sifted by movable sieve
  • Sifted flour is fed to the collectors which throw the material to the warm
  • Flour is transported by the warm to the outlet and fed directly into the mixer bowl

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