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Slicer with band knife

Capacity up to 2000 loaves of bread per hour, weighing 0.6 kg, depending on the type of bread, as well as bread baking and cooling level. The standard slice thickness is 11 mm. Other thickness, like 13 mm or 15 mm available on specific customer request. Maintenance of constant slice width ensures proper guidance of the knives.

The machine is equipped with durable band knives that can be easily replaced. It was constructed either to work detached or to combine with bagging and clipping station. Product feeding is provided by upper-, bottom-, and side belts adjustable by handwheel. The speed of feeding belts is controlled by an inverter. Slicer is equipped with synchronization system providing organized sliding of loaves which move one by one directly to bagging section.

  • Intended for wheat and rye bread
  • Feeding belts: side, bottom and upper in standard equipment enable slicing of a different kind of bread
  • Oil system in standard
  • Length of product – max. 400 mm
  • Manual loading of product on a feeder
  • The thickness of a slice to be specified on order: 11 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm
  • Band knives section, tension adjustable, easy knives replacement
  • Hardened steel blade guides tailored to specified slice thickness
  • A light detector at slicer outfeed
  • Housing elements made of stainless steel

Conveyor with clipping device and date coding, model SPA-3000

Intended for clipping bags, both paper and plastic.

  • Sliced bread, previously inserted in a pre-made wicket bag, is placed on a feeder. Then, the excess air is removed from the bag which is now closed with a wired clip. Optionally clip can be coded with a date. The ready bag is now ready to pick up manually or to collect on a rotating table.
  • Device for air suction for better bag adherence
  • Additional air nozzles
  • Adjustment of the table height enabling clip/bread positioning
  • Air filter
  • LCD control panel, operating mode manual or automatic
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 external housing
  • The unit equipped with castors and brakes
  • All covers with electrical protection
  • Detector recognizing the product – operating mode manual or automatic
  • Detector recognizing empty space – savings of clipping band
  • Air nozzles enable bags positioning and initial removal of air from the bag
  • “Vacuum” air sucking mode chosen from the control panel to extend the time of operation
  • Shift work capacity counter
  • total work capacity counter
  • Automatic stoppage of the machine if on in operation – energy savings
  • Programming mode to input needed ready bread quantity
  • Thermal printer

Technical Data:


  • Dimensions: 35″L x 83″W x 79″H
  • Weight: 1698lbs

Packing Unit

  • Dimensions: 57″L  x85″W x 48″H
  • Weight: 607lbs
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