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Conveyor with clipping device and date coding, model SPA-3000

For closing paper and plastic bags with a packed product. A product is put manually in a pre-blown bag and placed on a transverse feeding band. Excess air is removed from the bag. which is then closed with a wire clip. The ready product may be taken off manually or collected on a rotary table.

Combine with REX-KT Slicer for a full semi-automatic slicing and packaging bread line!

Intended for clipping bags, both paper and plastic.

  • Sliced bread, previously inserted in a pre made wicket bag, is placed on a feeder. Then, the excess of air is removed from the bag which is now closed with wired clip. Optionally clip can be coded with a date. Ready bag is now ready to pick up manually or to collect on rotating table.
  • Device for air suction for better bag adherence
  • Additional air nozzles
  • Adjustment of the table height enabling clip/bread positioning
  •  Air filter
  • LCD control panel, operating mode manual or automatic
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 external housing
  • Unit equipped with castors and brakes
  • All covers with electrical protection
  • Detector recognizing the product – operating mode manual or automatic
  • Detector recognizing empty space – savings of clipping band
  • Air nozzles enables bags positioning and initial removal of an air from bag
  • “Vacuum” air sucking mode chosen from control panel to extend time of operation
  • Shift work capacity counter
  • total work capacity counter
  • Automatic stoppage of the machine if on in operation – energy savings
  • Programming mode to input needed ready bread quantity
  • Thermal printer