Merand Manual Loading Compact


Welded Structure made of 50/50 in stainless steel.

  • The non-bucking frame prevents the balance pans from over tightening risks and allows an extension of the machine.

Individual and removable pockets.

  • Prevent dough balls from sticking back together and doubling up in the machine.

Pockets in Nyltex®.

  • The non sticky pockets prevent dough balls from sticking and reduce the flouring (except at the starting in order to « season » the pockets).
  • Machine or hand washable for the best hygiene and reduced cleaning costs.

Machine on castors.

  • Non buckling frame easy to move thanks to the castors.
  • The area cleaning is easier as well as the machine moves without any risk of twisting the frame or changing the adjustments.

Pilot Balance Pan

  • To allow to rapidly find the first loaded intermediate proofer so as to set up in emptying position and to keep the same resting time for all the dough balls.

Merand Manual Loading Compact

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