Revent 703 Multi Rack Oven


  • Mechanical Rack Lift
  • Computer or Digital Controls
  • Unique airflow design
  • High volume steam system
  • 88% thermal efficiency


  • Computer controls for 500 recipes
  • Canopy Options
  • Lift Options
  • Prison Package

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 56.3’’ W x 76.5” D x 97.3”H
  • Net Weight: 2,838 lbs. skidded
  • Heating Capacity: gas/oil 149,000 BTU/H
  • Heating Capacity: electric 39kW 208/220V
  • 105 AMPS 480V 54 AMPS

Holds One single rack
Max tray size 20” x 30”

Revent 703 Gas

Revent 703 Electric


Revent 703 Multi Rack Oven

Revent 703 multi rack oven bakes everything without adjustments.
The TCC (Total Convection Control) system ensures: even bake, perfectly even colored products, minimized weight loss, and maximized bread volume.
The HVS (High Volume Steam) system ensures: excellent texture, and crust.

Total Cost of Ownership for the Revent 703 Multi Rack Oven:
• Perfect bake without rejects.
• Industry leading availability and output for 24/7 production.
• Most flexible choice for a diversified bakery assortment.
• Simple handling with self-instructive GIAC control panel.
• Renowned durability with the longest life expectancy on the market.
• World leading energy efficiency.
• Revent cross-line heat exchanger.
• Energy save mode.
• Minimized service cost.
• Fast assembly through Revent’s unique wedge system.
• Quick and easy installation.

Installation Requirements:

The oven must be installed on a levelled noncombustible surface. The oven may be installed flush against a wall. Only the front and top need to be left open for access. The space on top of the 703 oven must be well ventilated and the temperature must not exceed 120°F (50°C). This is to avoid damage to electric components.

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