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  • Robopress
    • Pressing by moving and holding joy-stick lever up and down.
  • Robopress Variomatic
    • Operated by joy-stick lever and touch control panel; pressing with full automatic one-touch work cycle, auto start-up by closing the lid, automatic self-locking, release, unlocking and opening of the lid, cycle time reduction and flexible programming for up to 10 different work cycles.
    • Standard equipped with variable pressure regulation.


  • Suitable for all kinds of dough or butter including fermented dough
  • Operated by touch controls or joy-stick; up and down with safety switch
  • Automatic motor switch for extra energy efficiency; only operating when machine is pressing
  • Equipped with swivel wheels and brakes
  • Synthetic food approved pressure plate
  • High grade stainless steel inner tub and top plate
  • Handy front mounted handles for protection and easy mobility
  • Rugged all steel construction with removable panels for efficient and fast cleaning
  • Constructed with specially designed hydraulic system for smooth pressing
  • Stable and quiet in daily operation


  • Teflon coated stainless steel top plate
  • Variable hydraulic pressure regulation
  • Transformer for 4 wire connections without N at 400V
  • Unique glass panel with durable touch controls for extra hygiene
  • Safety switches on front and removable side panels
  • Cast iron foot on wheels for extra stability

Daub Robopress