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Fixed bowl spiral mixer with two motors with hydraulic elevator which tips the dough into a divider or onto a table to either 1500 mm or 2000 mm.


  • Two speeds
  • Two motors
  • Two way bowl rotation allowing to reverse the bowl in 1st speed
  • Bowl jog facility
  • Belt transmission
  • Automatic timers
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral tool and breaker bar
  • Optional stainless steel finish, touch screen, infrared temperature measurement, bowl scraper, beater for pastry dough

MT Premium line
Premium model specifically designed for intensive use and stiffer doughs. All the same features as the MT plus Premium drive system with a dual belt resulting in more power being delivered to the spiral tool and energy savings.

Models Available: 80_120_160_200_240 Kg

Escher MT Line and MT Premium Line

Escher MT Premium Line-US Conversions