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Pastries and Food Service Products

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Depositor for a full range of products from water to minced meat. Precise dosing with the easy-to-clean mechanism.

The U-MAX Depository Screw Filling Machine with a gun is the perfect solution for large food processors and confectioneries. Dosing is based on a screw mechanism widely used in high-end line production technology machines. Dosing products with auger-screw guarantees that portions are very accurate.

Suitable for a wide range of fillings; pralines, jams, confectionery creams, honey, yogurt, creamy butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, and even with minced materials (herbs, nuts, olives…), etc.

Wide range of accessories.

  • The most versatile machine on the market. It allows precise dosing of a wide range of confectionery, bakery, and food service products; mashed potatoes, stuffings, and soups with a huge range of viscosity and consistency levels
  • The device is made in a stainless version
  • Mobile depot on wheels
  • The continuous work switch enables continuous feeding of the filling.
  • Feeding is done through a hose and a dispensing gun with replaceable tips
  • Precise quantity control and continuous filling flow


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