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Thermal Oil Oven

Thermal Oil Oven

If you own a bakery, you know the value of reliable ovens. Your very business depends on them daily, after all. But if your business is expanding like a sourdough starter, your oven may not be able to keep up. To boost production while taking less space in your facility, you may want to consider an upgrade in the oven you use. Thermal oil ovens can increase your baked goods output without decreasing much needed and valuable floor space. Because they do not need flue stacks, you can safely and easily stack one on top of another. They only require one fuel source, which does not have to be on the production floor, saving even more space. With the latest in thermal technology, they bake evenly, no matter the product. When your current oven is no longer enough, a new thermal oven can mean increased goods for your baking company.

Thermal Oil Oven

Thermal Oil Oven | Space Saving

While your business may be expanding, and the demands for your product increasing, your facility may not be. You may not be in a position to add floor space, or move to a larger space. The best way to increase the amount of goods you can bake is to increase the amount of ovens you have. However, that usually means more floor space, when you bake with most professional ovens. Thermal oil ovens have a large advantage over these counterparts because you can stack them. This means more ovens in the same amount of square footage, saving you space while you keep up with demand.

Thermal Oil Oven | Advantages

The temperatures on thermal oil ovens are easy to control, no matter what you might be baking. With so much flexibility, you can bake large or small batches. Because there are so many decks, you can easily increase your daily output. When you have full control over temperatures and decks, baking different goods becomes a piece of cake. Also, the oil fuel heater used to heat them is in a boiler room, and therefore not on the production floor. Since it is already in the boiler room, any maintenance or services for the heater are easy to carry out.

Thermal Oil Oven | Finding a Supplier

To get the best professional equipment for your bakery, you need to use a quality supplier. When looking for a reliable supplier, it is always worth the time to do a little research. Look at websites to ensure they have the brand names and the professional equipment your company deserves. Also, for convenience, and peace of mind, make sure they service the equipment they sell. You can save time, money and stress by using one company for sales and service and scheduled maintenance calls. When you find a supplier you are comfortable with, from mixing to baking, equipping your kitchen is easy as pie.

When you have a busy bakery, a good oven is an absolute necessity. If you need to increase your output, you need to increase your baking capacity. A professional thermal oven can help you do just that. Increasing your output while maintaining floor space, these ovens are easy to control and to use. They put all the control at your fingertips, so you can bake large or small batches as needed. The fuel oil heater does not take up much needed floor space, as you can place it in the boiler room. To achieve even more baking capacity, stack ovens on top of each other to enjoy more decks and zones. For more information on how a thermal oil oven can help your company, call your local bakery equipment supplier.

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