Warehouse Specials

Warehouse Specials are discounted new, used, and demo equipment that we currently have in stock.

All equipment is sold on a first come, first serve basis. Call, email, or fill out a form for a free quote!



Electric Deck Oven with Proofer & Setters

Modulo electric deck oven


Kornfeil Variant Cyclothermic Oven

Kornfeil Variant-WH Special


Revent 724 – Double Rack Oven

Revent 724

Call for price – 732-988-0060

Somengil Multiwasher 500


New arrivals – Mixers sized 80kg to 240kg

Escher mixers

Call for price – 732-988-0060

Escher M80P – Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer

Escher M80P


Multi-Cookers – MK-60 & MK-80

Mech Masz Multi-Cooker

60 liter: $10,700 – 80 liter: $11,800

AK-3 Climator – Proofing Chamber Temperature & Humidity Control Unit


Climator unit AK-3 for proofing chambers

Call for price – 732-988-0060

Mech Masz D-400 Automatic Dosing Machine

Automatic Dosing Machine


Mech Masz Flour Sifter

Mech Masz Flour Sifter

Call for price – 732-988-0060

Mech Masz Donut Fryer

Mech Masz Donut Fryer


Trima S2 – Compact Bread Line

Trima S2-WH Special


Trima Prima Duo – Divider-Rounder

Trima Prima Duo

Call for price – 732-988-0060

Zelaieta PTZ – Dough Divider

Call for price – 732-988-0060

Zelaieta TXA – Mini Ciabatta Machine


Zelaieta Ciabatta Line TXA – MAN Roll


Zelaieta Group – Semiautomatic Breadline

Zelaieta Groupe with Horizontal Moulder


Daub Slim 1400 Divider

Daub Slim 1400-WH Special


Daub DR Flex – Bun Divider Rounder

Daub DR Flex

$13,000 – additional head included

Stainless Steel Double Racks, A-Lift 15-Space

Set of 6 stainless steel double racks

$787 Each

Jac Self Bread Slicer

Jac New Self-WH Special


STM DOX 25M Water Meter


Belshaw Type K Pancake Dispenser

Belshaw Pancake-WH Special


Revent PT-100 Temp Probe

Revent 50213611 Temperature Probe


Rolling spring-loaded pan stacker


Revent V-belt

Revent 50132037 Belt


Revent Gas Valve

Revent 50302101 Gas Valve