Warehouse Specials

Warehouse Specials are discounted new, used, and demo equipment that we currently have in stock. Contact us today for a free quote! All equipment is based on a first come, first serve basis.



Electric Deck Oven with Proofer & Setters

Mech Masz Modulo 4 Oven-WH Specials



Kornfeil Variant 10

Kornfeil Variant-WH Special


Revent One39G

Revent One39


Revent 726G

Revent 726


Somengil MWS 500

Somengil MWS 500-WH Special


New Daub Robocut (R) Automatic

Daub Robocut (R) Automatic


Daub Robocut (S)

Daub Robocut (S)


Daub DR Flex

Daub DR Flex


Multi-Cooker MK-80

Mech Masz Cream Cooker


Revent Rack Plug & Play P/R


Daub Robotrad-p+

Daub Robotrad p+-WH Special


Enigma Ultra ML 900 3D

Enigma Ultra ML 900 3D-WH Special


Escher PM160V Professional

Escher PM160V-WH Special


Trima S2

Trima S2-WH Special


All Bake 24 Part Divider

ABT P24-WH Special


Zelaieta TXA Mini Package


Daub Slim 1400

Daub Slim 1400-WH Special


Jac Self Bread Slicer-5/8″ slice

Jac New Self-WH Special




Belshaw Type K Pancake Dispenser

Belshaw Pancake-WH Special


Revent PT-100 Temp Probe

Revent 50213611 Temperature Probe


Revent V-belt

Revent 50132037 Belt


Revent Gas Valve

Revent 50302101 Gas Valve