Hebert Schröder began Trima in 1887 Germany as a craft business. A baker had requested a dough-kneading appliance, and legend has it that Schröder succeeded in making a “kneading apparatus” that worked to the fullest satisfaction.

In 1902, the business, which employed about 10 people, moved and started specializing in baking machines. In the following decades, they expanded and improved their dough molders and dividers production. When their workforce rose to 40 employees in 1940, they began constructing a new factory on the what is now the company’s present location.

After World War II, the company produced bakery equipment for the home market. The factory renamed in 1959 and outsourced some baking machine production. Until 1990, Trima produced special-purpose machines for the food industry, as well as the wood-working and processing industries.

The firms Trima and Fortuna started cooperation after the end of East Germany. Fortuna resumed the production of baking machines in Triebes in 1990. At first, these were mainly machines of the Schröder company. Later, they produced more and more Trima in-house developments, such as square roll makers and dough weighers. The two firms together produced and sold these machines for more than 15 years. Trima provided customer care and service of the Fortuna product portfolio in eastern Germany.

Our proven machine range has been marketed under the Trima brand since 2006.

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