Cutting Machines

Are you in the market for food cutting machines? Ultrasonic food cutting machines, like the Matiss MCL-110, uses high frequency vibratory knives. Applying ultrasonic vibration to a cutting tool creates a nearly frictionless cutting surface which provides many benefits. The low-friction cutting surface can slice many food products cleanly and without smearing. Very thin slices are also possible due to the decreased resistance.

Foods containing items such as vegetables, meats, nuts, berries and fruits can be cut without deformation or displacement of the internal product. The low-friction condition also reduces product sticking to the cutting tools, resulting in more consistent cuts and less down time for cleaning. And because of the advanced process control that is available in ultrasonic generators, cutting performance can be manipulated by adjusting the equipment parameters.

Food Cutting Machines Are Used For:

• Hard and soft cheeses, including products containing pieces of nuts and fruit

• Sandwiches, wraps, and pizzas for catering industries

• Nougat, candy bars, granola bars and healthy snack bars

• Semi-frozen meats and fish

• Fresh or frozen vegetables

• Breads or cake products

• Ice cream and other frozen snacks

Ultrasonic food cutting machines, such as the Matiss G2I-S4I, are comprised of the following components: a generator or power source; transducer; ultrasonic booster; cutting tool or horn; and a material handling system.

The vibratory motion provides much more of the cutting effect than the sharpness of the tools. However, high frequency vibration applied to cutting tools does provide significant benefits. Mainly, ultrasonic technology enhances the cut quality and consistency, and enables the ability to cleanly slice multi-textured food products without deformation.

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