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The baked goods are moved directly from the oven into a Vacuum chamber where a pump lowers the air pressure in the Cooling chamber, when the air pressure is reduced, the boiling temperature of the water in the baked goods is reduced, thus the evaporation of water from the baked product is accelerated.

When the water evaporates it takes heat out of the product. At 20 mbar (Vacuum) the boiling temperature of water is 7°C. The process to cool baked goods to ambient temperature takes 3-6 minutes. By reducing the baking time the water content in vacuum cooled products will be the same or higher compared with other cooling processes.


  • Reduced baking time resulting in increased oven capacity and energy savings.
  • Reduced total cooling time (up to 95% vs ambient cooling)
  • Significant energy savings (up to 50%) for cooling, compared to blast freezing using refrigeration
  • Considerable time savings for cooling products
  • Reduced costs for storage and logistics due to extended shelf life and lower packaging costs due to a more stable product.
  • Increased volume and stability due to a more consistent and homogenous cooling with vacuum technology.
  • Long lasting crispiness, optimized and extended freshness within the crumb due to even water distribution in products after vacuum cooling.
  • Par baked products gain an unparalleled stability. Better quality for par baked products due to a better distribution of water in products and a more finished crust.
  • Reduced baking time —Lower total energy use
  • Less space needed in bakery – no space needed for cooling racks
  • Reduced total time from baking to packaging
  • Lower amount of ingredients necessary
  • No cool storage/ cool transports needed
  • Batch Chamber Vacuum Cooler
  • Suitable for 1 or to 2 Racks with 16, 18 or 20 levels
  • For baking trays such as all dimensions from Revent
  • Capacity: 14 batches/h
  • Suitable for All kind of products (Rolls, Cakes, sliced bread, Danish, Croissants, etc.)
  • The Revent Vacuum cooler provides a cost efficient and high quality production for baked goods
  • Due to a reduction in baking times and the immediate ability to package products there are considerable savings in production.
  • There will be an overall Improved  visual appearance, larger product volume, extended crustiness, and greater freshness for your fresh baked products
  • Batch- and Continuous systems are available.

Vacuum Cooler Spec Sheet

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