Trima Prima Duo Divider-Rounder


  • 2-pocket version
  • Automatic dough divider and rounder
  • Very simple and easy one-man operation
  • Proven molding principle with plate grinder
  • Stepless setting of weight, speed and molding pocket
  • Setting/control of the machine either manually with hand wheels or by touch panel
  • Processes very soft, cool and sticky doughs
  • Very small footprint area due to compact design
  • Little cleaning required
  • Stainless steel design
  • Machine on wheels

PRIMA Duo brochure EN

Trima’s PRIMA Duo is a one of a kind, a fully automated divider and rounder. It exactly simulates the precise, delicate movements of the human hand, and divides and rounds dough pieces to produce round bread. This remarkable sensitivity means it can work any type of dough, from low to high hydration, without stressing it. For making round and elongated bread rolls (kaiser rolls, hot-dog buns, hamburger buns, bolillo, berliner, pretzel etc.). PRIMA Duo produces extraordinary results from just a few, simple steps.

This machine is available with 2 different operating variants: manually, by means of hand wheels and switches; or electronically, with a touch-screen panel and digital recipe programming and storage. All this makes PRIMA Duo an unrivaled aide in the workplace, whether used on its own or at the head of one of the various configurations of the Compact Line system for producing a wide range of products.

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