Revent One26 Round Single Rack Oven


  • Round baking chamber
  • Sliding glass door
  • Triple glass door
  • Revent high tech insulation design
  • Touch screen control panel

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 51.1”W x 48.7”D x 89.6″H
  • Net weight: 1760 lbs
  • Heating capacity:
  • > Gas 170000 btuh
  • > Electric 38.5 kW

 Revent One26

Round Oven Concept 

Available in gas or electrically heated models.  Maximum tray size: One single rack 18”x 26”


Revent One26 Round Oven Concept

Revent’s successful line of advanced baking ovens has been at the technological frontier for decades, enormously appreciated by bakeries worldwide. Now, their latest development aims at perfecting this already high standard. REVENT introduces the round oven.

As with most pioneering designs, both eye and mind need a bit of time to get acquainted with the round oven. It is groundbreaking in shape, and also in characteristics. By creating a round chamber, our engineers found a way to make the oven slimmer and at the same time more powerful. And knowing the unforgiving conditions of today’s competitive baking market, these improvements in efficiency and economy are hard to resist.

It scores high in all important aspects. First and foremost in footprint and energy, but also in visibility, ergonomics, navigation, reliability, flexibility, profitability, durability and ease of installation and service. And the simplicity proves itself from day one since anyone can operate it. Just plug and play.

The round chamber creates a more even heat distribution and our new oven also meets the increasingly tough requirements within the food industry. The passion for supplying bakers with the best tools possible has always pushed us to our limits, resulting in numerous innovative solutions. We want to raise the bar for baking perfection, and let as many people as possible enjoy bread as much as we do.

In bread we trust.

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